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What happens when you force six thirsty social media stars to live together and pit them against each other for a dream brand deal? HINT: Nothing good. 


Jücytox is a millennial juice craze that claims to do everything from clearing your skin to helping you get a summer bod to keeping you regular. And vying to become its new face are six instafamous influencers: 


Kristen, the basic AF LA #namaste girl who looks like she’s permanently attending Coachella, brings her particular brand of mindless spirituality to the competition to the chagrin of Zoey, the savvy and cultured travel blogger who appears to be in a different country every week. Meanwhile, Cruise, a “self-made” entrepreneur, brings his very questionable (and perhaps illegal?) business expertise to the table. Parker, an #instafit gym rat who’s amassed 100k followers after posting shirtless thirst traps, brings some serious muscle to the game. Joining them as a single, obnoxiously inseparable unit are Tyler and Taylor, an adorable instacouple that are often mistaken for twins. 


When they arrive at the Jücytox House, the influencers are shocked out of their self- absorbed cocoons. Since none of them read past the first three lines of the invite email, they didn’t realize this was a competition. With like, other people. 


Our crew is greeted by Deandra Styles, a Julie Chen-type host and TV personality, who challenges them to compete in a series of creative challenges for the opportunity of an insta-lifetime: the chance to be the new face of Jücytox. 


There are just two caveats: 1. The house is rigged with cameras capturing the influencers’ every move. 2. For the duration of the competition, they will only have access to Jücytox’s equipment. That’s right... These millennials will have to go to completely phone and social media free for an ENTIRE WEEK. 


For people who so carefully curate their online lives and personas, it isn’t long before the influencers start to crack and expose their true colors under the pressure of competition. Let’s just say what you see on social media, is rarely what you get IRL... Drama, scandals, and surprise twists abound throughout the competition as these large, fame-hungry personalities expose one another, throw each other under the bus, and do whatever it takes to win all the Likes. 

Series Overview

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